PEST GURU insist on using Green Pest Control Products That are effective, environmentally responsible & Friendly!

Our pest control sprays “which is a Green Pest Control” are scientifically designed to eradicate cockroach, ants, spiders, silverfish & fleas. They are used to target those pests in their environment. There is no overuse of any pesticide products for your family’s protection, the health of your pets & the environment. Our license depends on it.

Most people when it comes to calling a pest control team they think of how they can offer their services without causing any problem to their kids & pets. We are proud to say that not only our products are 100% Eco-Friendly, but they are super effective & just by reading our clients reviews in Google & Yelp you can see how we provide our pest control service to our clients.

On the other hand, Green pest control or so-called Biological pest control is a method of controlling pests including (insects, mites & weeds) with the help of bio effector-methods using other living organisms. By this method we use predators, that consume a huge number of prey during their lifetime. Here we use the term to indicate our service is green to use.

Here are some green pest control products you can use for yourself:







Why Choose Us as a Green Pest Control Service?

• Use bio- friendly & biodegradable products for pest control
• Experienced team with state-of-art pest control tools
• Fully trained, licensed and insured technicians
• Products are totally safe for kids, pregnant women, allergic persons and animals
• We use termite detection dog with more than 95% accuracy

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Here are our certificates for working as a green pest control company

Green pest control