Bee & Wasp Pest Control Gold Coast

There are different elimination processes for bees and wasps, therefore it is important to properly identify the species living near your home, which due to their similar physical characteristics are often incorrectly identified. Whilst bees can be environmentally beneficial, it is generally inconvenient and possibly dangerous to have a bee hive near your home.

Bee & Wasp Pest Control Gold Coast

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All service costs^ shown below are based on an average 3 or 4 bedroom house of up to 40m2, please contact us on 0755 362 701 for service costs for premises of other sizes.

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^We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have booked a service, we guarantee the price at the time the service was booked.

^^All warranty periods listed, represent the maximum available periods and serve as a guide only, the actual periods offered are at the discretion of the technician at the time of the service and are based on conducive conditions and environmental factors.