Bee and Wasp Eradication

Bee and Wasp Eradication Gold Coast

Bee and Wasp Eradication Gold Coast

Some pests are able to cause direct harm to humans, and many of them exist in great numbers in Australia. Bees and wasps, for example, can be relatively harmless when they are kept away from population centers, but they are attracted to properties in urban and suburban regions because of the potential rewards that exist there. With the large number of properties on acreage on the Gold Coast they can become a real problem.

Unfortunately, wasps and bees are far from being the friendliest creatures on the planet, especially when they exist in places where humans thrive. They can unleash themselves in swarms, stinging people with painful venom. For some people, a sting will only cause temporary pain and discomfort, but for others, a sting can put life in danger.  People who are allergic to bee or wasp stings can go into anaphylactic shock  and without fast medical attention can die.

There Are many types of Wasps:
parasite wasps that can lay their eggs in other insects including bees & they can pose danger to Eco-balance created by other insects
Solitary Hunting Wasps & Social Wasps that are most common wasps we interact with on daily basis that will be sub-divided into three categories, yellow jackets, the hornets and the paper wasps. You have to keep in mind that wasps are not aggressive unless their nests are threatened.

PEST Guru are able to inspect properties for the presence of bees and wasps & provide premium bee and wasp eradication service. Then, they can offer advice relating to the best methods of removing the insects safely. Some people take matters into their own hands, and they often pay dearly for their refusal to engage the services of professionals.

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For professional Bee or Wasp Control on the Gold Coast, call Pest Guru on 1300 819 693 or Book a Service online.
All service costs^ shown below are based on an average 3 or 4 bedroom house of up to 40m2, please contact us for service costs for premises of other sizes.
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^ We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have booked a service, we guarantee the price at the time the service was booked.

^^ All warranty periods listed, represent the maximum available periods and serve as a guide only, the actual periods offered are at the discretion of the technician at the time of the service and are based on conducive conditions and environmental factors.