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Pest Treatment an informative guide

Pest Treatment an informative guide & Why you should keep up with pest treatment?

Getting the pest treatment done on a properties on the Gold Coast can be considered a luxury, but for those that live on the Gold Coast, it is considered a necessity.

Pest Treatment

For those that do not know why, Pest Guru will explain.

  • Q. How often should I get my pest treatment done and why?
  • A. Depending on the type of pests you wish to treat, a standard service should be done every 12 months to prevent any problems.
  • Q. What if I get problems in the 12 months?
  • A. Pest Guru offer a service call-back warranty for our general pest service for a 12 month period, which means we come out free-of-charge if you have any problems in that time.
  • Q. What sort of pests do you treat for?
  • A. Our standard pest service involves treating for spiders, cockroaches, ants and silverfish. But, we treat a large range of pests including mosquitoes, rats and mice, termites (white ants), mites, midgees , wasps and bed bugs.
  • Q. If I don’t get my pest treatment done, will it cause problems?
  • A. If you do not get your treatment done and you have instances of pests, they will keep breeding as a home is a great food source.
  • Q. Is it just spraying?
  • A. Pest Guru make sure they do a thorough treatment and not just conventional spraying. As we are experts in pest control, depending on the type of property, our standard pest treatment will feature;
  • Dusting ceiling voids (where applicable)
  • Crack and Crevice treatment. Applying gels to specific areas of a property such as under sinks, in cupboard door hinges etc
  • Application of residual treatment along skirting boards (serves as a barrier and designed to be effective for 11-12 months)
  • External pest treatment, treating ants and spiders (mosquitos are misting). This treatment is residual so breaks down with the rain.

Our standard treatment involves spiders, cockroaches, ants and silverfish.

Call us today if you need your pest issue done regularly as a prevention, you will not have to rectify any pest control problems, and the issues will be less severe.

For more information on our treatments, call the team at Pest Guru on 07) 55220 774

Pest Guru Blog Termite Inspection

Termite Inspections – Why they are Important on the Gold Coast?

Why are termite inspections extremely important on the Gold Coast?

This is why termite inspections are important: In 2009, the Australian Building Code Board estimated that there are approximately 130,000 new termite infestations every year in Australian homes, “with 18% of all homes across Australia suffering some sort of structural damage.”termite inspections

In Australia there are approximately 30 species of termites that are considered ‘pests’ or a financial risk to Australian properties. This also is more  important for the Gold Coast and Brisbane being located in a sub-tropical climate in which local properties can provide some shelter and a food sources for termite nests. We talk to Pest Guru, who are considered local Gold Coast pest control specialists, being in the industry since 2005. Pest Guru Director, Dave Maddison knows that the instance of termites increasing is prevalent by explaining;

  • Gold Coast has seen a substantial increase in termites, due to the population growth on the Gold Coast, and the increase and changes in construction.
  • Droughts have affected the concrete slabs, so termites can get through even the tiniest crack.
  • Termites will always be around, they come and go constantly.
  • Termites reproduce in November by setting up new nests.
  • Pest control experts will agree that the Australian Standards were correct in advising that it is essential for homeowners to get a termite inspection every 6-12 months.

DaveandMackgold coast termite inspection expertsnegotiate selling price

If you require a termite inspection, or need professional pest control advice, you can contact Dave & Pest Guru team on 07) 55220774.

For Service By Location Go to : Pest Control Brisbane page or Termite Treatment Gold Coast & For Pest Control Prices just Click.

Pest Guru Blog Termite Inspection

Gold Coast Termite Detection

Years of Experience in Gold Coast Termite Detection

Gold Coast Termite Detection

Termite detection is the key to preventing termite infestation in your house. On the Gold Coast there are plenty of termite detection companies available to you. We’d like to explain why you should use Pest Guru. We think that when it comes to Gold Coast termite detection Pest Guru are market leaders. Here’s why.

Dave Maddison is the owner operator of Pest Guru. He’s been operating on the Gold Coast for years. When it comes to termite detection an experienced pest detection expert will make the difference when it comes to minor infestations. Dave knows the signs, knows where to look and will detect small termite infestations before they become big ones.

Gold Coast’s State of Art Termite Detection Technology

Pest Guru use the latest technology for their Gold Coast termite detection inspections. We use Termatrac, a world leader in termite detection radars, and thermal imaging cameras. Many Gold Coast pest detection use these and it’s the experience and training that separates Pest Guru from our competition.

Gold Coast’s Mack the Termite Detection Dog

It has been shown that a well trained termite detection dog can sniff out up to 97% of termite activity. Mack the Termite Detection Dog and Dave his handler make for a wonderful team. Combined with Dave’s years of experience and his knowledge and ability with termite detection technology you have an unsurpassed Gold Coast termite detection team.

Pest Guru Gold Coast Termite Detection Fees

Our standard Gold Coast termite detection inspection costs $170 for house under 40 squares. That termite detection inspection consist of a thorough
visual termite inspection, inspecting inside, outside, fences, garden sheds, subfloor, roof void, gardens and timber retaining walls. Our standard Gold Coast termite detection inspection will determine conducive conditions for termites, water leaks, drainage issues, termite damage, termite activity, wet areas. If a house is considered high risk, our termite inspector will recommend Mack the Termite Detection Dog, thermal imaging camera & Termatrac as required for an additional fee. We also offer many other pest control services you can find in our site.

Pest Guru’s premium Gold Coast termite detection inspections cost $250 for a house under 40 squares and include all termite detection services mention above.

To inquire about Pest Guru’s termite detection for your Gold Coast home use the form to the left or call Dave on 0434 68 68 90, we are by far one the the most reliable local pest companies, you can read our testimonial page for this.

Pest Guru Blog Termite Inspection

Termite Control In Tropical Areas

Termite Control in your home?

Let me tell you a story that will encourage you to look at termite control on the Gold Coast. The other night I was sound asleep, most likely dreaming about cupcakes or something when I felt a little tickle on my face. Thinking it was just the wind blowing the tassels on my covering, I thoughtlessly brushed it away. That’s when it happened. I felt 8 long, hairy legs spread out around my face and with the way I shrieked I was lucky it didn’t crawl into my mouth.

If you have a pest problem it’s time to poach that roach and turf the termites. Pests are a nuisance that people frequently think they can manage themselves. Where there’s one there are many others and it is far better to control the issue now rather than waiting for it to get out of hand. I recentlyTermite Control moved into a brand-new house with some friends and every thing was wonderful until one day the ants went marching one by one around the front door, along the skirting boards, up onto the kitchen area bench and ended up in our pantry. We thought insect spray was going to be our saviour but the ant army was more powerful than the puny contents of our can.

Do you live in a tropical and have an issue with termites & need a termite control service?  Be aware that termites are a big threat in the area.

The importance of Termite control & Pest Control:

1 from 3 houses have had or will have termites; You probably think that it can’t happen to you but with those odds don’t bet on it! Just what do you do for termite control? Termites can be detected by using a thermal imaging camera. Personally, I think this technology is absolutely dazzling. It is a non-invasive and no damage is done to your home; it just merely finds heat patterns and can pick up termites that can not be seen by the naked eye. This camera can identify the exact location of any invasion. The thermal imaging video camera does have the power to browse every inch of your residence to ensure that no part will be missed so your complication won’t resurface. It can locate the heat with the walls, the floors and even the ceiling.

One more ingenious pest control & termite control measure is the use of a termite detection dog. They are 97% precise in sniffing out termites long before a human pest inspector can.

So when you are using a termite detection dog and a pest inspector with modern equipment like a thermal imaging camera, you have an unbeatable combination when it comes to preventing termites from munching on the timbers that are hold up your home!