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Pest Treatment an informative guide

Pest Treatment an informative guide & Why you should keep up with pest treatment?

Getting the pest treatment done on a properties on the Gold Coast can be considered a luxury, but for those that live on the Gold Coast, it is considered a necessity.

Pest Treatment

For those that do not know why, Pest Guru will explain.

  • Q. How often should I get my pest treatment done and why?
  • A. Depending on the type of pests you wish to treat, a standard service should be done every 12 months to prevent any problems.
  • Q. What if I get problems in the 12 months?
  • A. Pest Guru offer a service call-back warranty for our general pest service for a 12 month period, which means we come out free-of-charge if you have any problems in that time.
  • Q. What sort of pests do you treat for?
  • A. Our standard pest service involves treating for spiders, cockroaches, ants and silverfish. But, we treat a large range of pests including mosquitoes, rats and mice, termites (white ants), mites, midgees , wasps and bed bugs.
  • Q. If I don’t get my pest treatment done, will it cause problems?
  • A. If you do not get your treatment done and you have instances of pests, they will keep breeding as a home is a great food source.
  • Q. Is it just spraying?
  • A. Pest Guru make sure they do a thorough treatment and not just conventional spraying. As we are experts in pest control, depending on the type of property, our standard pest treatment will feature;
  • Dusting ceiling voids (where applicable)
  • Crack and Crevice treatment. Applying gels to specific areas of a property such as under sinks, in cupboard door hinges etc
  • Application of residual treatment along skirting boards (serves as a barrier and designed to be effective for 11-12 months)
  • External pest treatment, treating ants and spiders (mosquitos are misting). This treatment is residual so breaks down with the rain.

Our standard treatment involves spiders, cockroaches, ants and silverfish.

Call us today if you need your pest issue done regularly as a prevention, you will not have to rectify any pest control problems, and the issues will be less severe.

For more information on our treatments, call the team at Pest Guru on 07) 55220 774

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Dangerous & Deadliest Pests

Gold Coast, Australia is home to some of the world’s deadliest creatures, and some not so deadly.

surfers-paradise-785957_1280About the Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast is located on the Eastern Seaboard of Continental Australia, having a reasonable sub-tropical climate with temperatures ranging between 35°c degrees in the midst of summer to approx 2°c celsius degrees in the middle of a winter evening. Winter which is approximately Late June to Early August each year. The Gold Coast has at the time of this article, 550,000 residents and hosts a large tourist population each year as a world class surfing destination and for its beautiful clean white sanded beaches.

As Pest Guru is a pest control company we deals with all range of issues, we have compiled a list of what you will commonly expect to find as a typical resident of the Gold Coast and South-East Queenslander.

White-tailed-spiderWhite Tail Spiders

With White Tail Spiders, luckily we do not get too many people who call us about this sort of pest, but they can be a major nuisance and cause major damage if bitten (New Zealand doesn’t get white-tails). When bitten, it has been advised that people must seek urgent medical treatment, as they can eat into the flesh and leave major scarring. Some have questioned if it is due to the bacterial effects of the venom, but if it is, they are still considered quite dangerous. The white tail spider is distinctive with its white mark on the back of its body.


Funnel Web Spider

The Australian Funnel Web Spider (Atracinae of Hexathelidae), is a type of dangerous spider that resides along the East Coast of Australia, but are considered more common in the Sydney and New South Wales region. Though all should fear funnel web spiders, they generally live in bush and forest areas with heavy foliage. It has been noted by local arachnologist, Dr Robert Raven that “no one has died from a confirmed spider bite in Australia since 1979”, as their are anti-venoms are available with ambulance workers and hospitals once the spider has been identified. If bitten, do not try to suck out the venom and apply cold packs and a pressure bandage until help arrives.


Redback Spider (Latrodectus hasseltii)

Considered the most dangerous in Australia as they are highly venomous and their living preference is in warm sheltered locations next to or in houses. The female spider is approximately 1cm (.4 inch) long, and the most dangerous by attacking using two fangs releasing a liquid neurotoxin into a victim. Post-bite, the site of the bite will start to swell and the onset of a condition called “latrodectism” which will occur with increased pain around site, sweating, nausea, vomiting, headache and agitation from the neurotoxin poison. Please seek medical attention immediately, as anti-venoms exist in Australia since 1956, with no documented casualties.

Eastern Brown SnakeSnakes

Snakes are considered deadly in Australia, with a number of species being more predominant on the Gold Coast than others. Please note: if you do see a snake, please stay well away, or stay still as they are more scared of us, than we of them. The Eastern Brown snake is considered a very dangerous snake, due to its higher level of aggression so please refrain from getting close. Other snakes are the Python (or carpet snake). Not considered dangerous but has been known to still cause major problems. We have snake handlers that we can connect you with, so call us today on 07)55220774. or you can find them at Snake Catcher 24 hours 0401 263 296



The forever notorious shark. The single biggest deterrent of people swimming and surfing on the beaches of the Gold Coast. For this article we must dispel rumours that the beaches of the Gold Coast, Australia are filled with sharks as in fact statistically there has not been a beach shark fatality since 1965. Though there are a large number of sharks within the region, only a small number that are considered potentially dangerous, and there is the contentious issue of beach netting that still exists off the Gold Coast Beaches. Those sharks which are considered dangerous are: the Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier), which is considered more prevalent over summer, the Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas) which generally resides in estuaries, rivers and canals. Typically, the waters of the Gold Coast are too warm for Great White Sharks, but have been seen as far North as Julian Rocks at Byron Bay. Of those dangerous within the region, the Bull Shark is considered the most dangerous, with Gold Coast locals knowing not to generally swim in the canals and waterways. But, let’s face it by having a look at the statistics, though there have been a number of attacks within proximity in places such as Byron Bay and Ballina regions at numerous times over 2015, knowing this, we must always remember the water is the sharks domain that needs to be respected, so it is advised not to swim or surf at dawn and dusk, and swim within beach flags.


Cockroaches, the spawn of many peoples existence. Though you can suffer fear from the dreaded cockroach, not all cockroaches are dangerous. You have a number of types  that live on the Gold Coast, including Australian Native (Periplaneta australasian), American (Periplaneta american) and the German Cockroach (Blattella germanic) (see below). Though the Native Australian and American types can fly in through the windows, they can also breed in warm household cavities in the colder months and though are not considered dangerous, still are not hygienic.

german-cockroach-goldcoastGerman Cockroaches

The German cockroach (Blattella germanic) is considered a dangerous pest, as they are known to be carriers of multiple potentially fatal diseases such as Dysentery. E.Coli and Diarreah. They also known when scared or threatened to omit a terrible odour. They are also know to be scavengers, eating items such as plastic coating on electrical wires, toothpaste and even each other if the opportunity exists.are a cockroach that have been known to survive nuclear bombs, and will still survive the winter inside a local home. The Australian and American look quite similar in colour and general shape, whereas the german cockroach is a lighter brown and smaller in size.  If you find german cockroaches, a specialised treatment is required as they are resilient to predominantly most types of pest control treatment. Call us for advice on (07) 55220774. 


Ants are very common on the Gold Coast and the whole of Australia and are quite strange in their behaviours such as tracking and how they can carry extraordinary weight up-to 100 times heavy than their own body weight. Certain ants can have a bite and cause discomfort or even damage to a house (see the huge brown carpenter ants!) The green ant, small coastal brown ant can be quite annoying if they decide to bite, so we advise not to sit on grass with ants outside. They can form clusters, armies and always will have a task at hand though they can seem to look like they are running around in circles. Ants in Queensland are known to live in crevices and cracks within the walls of a house, within ant dirt mounds and in tree crevices. Primarily, they are more prevalent in summertime, but the case is that ants will breed all year long if the conditions are warm enough. Their major food source is sugar and starch products, so are known to attack sugar in the food cupboard and even food for pets.


Termites, or also known as “White ants” are considered one of the biggest problems for Gold Coast, Brisbane and South-East Queensland residents in the form of “pests”. They are a small insect that travel underground and enter your home silently and secretly and eat and damage the timbers in a property. Considered one of the most “successful pests on earth”, sheerly due to the size of colonies, capacity and magnitude, they are also considered the most costly. They generally enter homes from underground (subterranean) and are unseen until damage has been caused. This damage has caused homes on the Gold Coast to be condemned and can total in cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. This is because you first have to eradicate them (you cannot use insect spray), then you have to fix the damage with a builder, finally, you have to keep a full-time protection around the property from further attack. Statistically, one-in-three homes within the region are considered to have termites in them. This is considered that it will increase with the onset of global warmingHetero, Masto, Macro, Copto, Schedo, Nautilio, and all different types of ‘Termes’ that affect the Gold Coast area. Some are worse than others with speed and ability.

Who are we?

We are called Pest Guru, we are a local Pest Control Eradication Team based in Queensland, Australia. We deal with all sorts of interesting pests, people and questions. If you need any advice, call today on 07) 55220774

This article is to be considered as expert onsite or online advice. With all intentions present, at the time of writing was done in good faith, and some errors may be present so consult a professional expert before procceding with any further action, works or decision.