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Garden Pest Identification

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Common Garden Pests in Australia

According to, There are more than 30 common garden pests that can live in our garden eating our precious flowers & leaves. Garden Pests Identification list consists of 6 types of Caterpillars, nine types of Beetles, 3 Borers, 5 Types of below ground level pests, 6 Types of small pests & 3 types of true bugs that we are going to Identify them one by one.

  • Caterpillar worms: Tomato hornworm, Codling mother, Cabbageworm, Cabbage Looper, Corn Earworm, Pickleworm
  • Beetles: Colorado potato beetle, Cucumber beetle, Curculio, Japanese beetle, Mexican bean beetle, Flea beetle, Asparagus beetle, Corn Rootworm, Sweet Potato Weevil
  • Borers: Squash vine borer, Peachtree borer, European Corn Borer
  • Ground level Pests: Cutworm, Wireworm, Root maggots, Earwig, Fire Ants
  • Small Pests: Aphid, Leaf miner, Mealybug, Scale, Spider Mites, Thrips, Whiteflies
  • True Bugs: Squash bug, Tarnished plant bug, Stinkbug

There are also some beneficial pests that you can attract to your garden & benefit from them. Like Parasitic Wasps, Lady Beetle & Green Lacewing.

Garden Pest Identification & Signs

Each pest leaves its’ trail on your plants; you just have to monitor your garden daily to make sure that everything is going well inside & there is no suspicious bug activity. Here we list some common garden pest signs you can identify in your garden.

  1. Unexpected Seedling Death: Cutworms hide beneath mulch during the daytime, showing up after dark to chew through young seedlings at the base.
  2. Deformed or Mottled Leaves: Sometimes this occurred when the plant gets infected by viruses that certain pests like aphids & whiteflies bring with themselves after cutting into the plant tissues.
  3. White Dots on leaves: These are mostly whiteflies & spider mites that can be harmful to your plant when they grow bigger, so keep inspecting for this sign, check the leaves with a magnifying glass so to prevent any future disaster.
  4. Wilted Plants: Sometimes it is not because of poor watering, maybe wireworm is at work!
  5. Puckered or Distorted Leaves: This may be an indication where aphids are hiding! If you see any ants near these leaves, be alarmed about aphids.
  6. Leaking Tree Sap: Borers can girdle the trunk of small trees, mainly peaches and plums, resulting in death after only one season.

Garden Pest Signs

Garden Pests Identification By Picture



Garden Pests Identification

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