Cockroach Control in Gold Coast:

Of all the issues pest control experts have to face, exterminating cockroaches is probably the most challenging. Not only are cockroaches seen as the most repellent and obnoxious of all the intruders into your home, but they are probably among the most dangerous because of the range of serious diseases they can bring with them. So it is not surprising that Cockroach Control experts derive more than 60 per cent of their business from this one pest alone. The problem is that these creatures are so geared to survival, that even the professionals are sometimes struggling to win the battle.Cockroach Control

One of the most stubborn survivors in the cockroach family is the German cockroach, which unfortunately is very common in Queensland. You can spot it because it is small — about 15mm — and dark brown in colour. One of the reasons German cockroaches are so hard to get rid of is their prolific reproductive capacity. They reach maturity at a very early age, so a colony grows very quickly, and females produce up to eight egg capsules in their lifetime, with each capsule containing about 40 eggs. While most other species deposit their eggs, the German female will carry the capsule around with her throughout the germination period, giving her eggs a much better chance of survival.

In addition to their ability to multiply rapidly, German cockroaches can survive for several weeks without food, and they can eat almost anything. They are among the fastest moving on their feet — about 30cm per second, despite only measuring 15mm. This means they can dodge sprays, and efforts to stamp on them, without much difficulty.

Cockroach Species in Australia:

Two other species common in Queensland are American cockroaches and Australian cockroaches. The American cockroach is much bigger than the German — about 4cm — and has a lifespan of about two years. During that time the female can produce about one egg capsule a week, each containing an average of 14 eggs. The Australian cockroach looks very similar to the American, but is shorter, about 3cm, and has yellow stripes on its sides. Australian and American cockroaches, like the German, are very fast on their feet, and the Australian cockroach can fly as well, so can easily move locations in search of food and water.

Because cockroaches have such remarkable powers of survival, there is no single method of pest control that will be any use in exterminating them on its own. If you just try a single measure, you will waste your time and set yourself up to fail. What is needed is an assault on all fronts — that is, a comprehensive plan using a wide range of different tactics and products.

The first step is dealing with your home environment — it is no good trying extermination procedures until you have taken measures to make your home less hospitable to your uninvited guests. Cockroaches come out at night, so make sure there is absolutely no food left out overnight, including dirty dishes, pet food, crumbs on the floor or empty pizza boxes — but don’t forget they regard almost anything as food, including paper and cloth. Then try to detect places where they are hanging out — holes, cracks, small spaces behind appliances — and try sealing them off.

Once you have located the hideouts, you can start your assault with a range of products. Dusts and baits can be quite effective, because when a cockroach dies of poison, the others will eat it and suffer the same fate. Along with poisoning you should use pheromone traps. These emit signals which draw cockroaches in, thinking there is a mating prospect, but instead they come to a sticky end. The other essential weapon is an IGR or insect growth regulator. When you spray cockroaches with this, it destroys their reproductive system.

The only effective approach to Cockroach Control, as far as cockroaches are concerned, is to deploy all these methods, and any others you can think of as well. However, don’t forget cockroaches have had thousands of years to learn to survive worse hazards than anything we can throw at them. You may have to admit defeat and call in the professionals after all.

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