Gold Coast PropertiesA person’s home should feel safe and be pest free. It should provide shelter and comfort, plus it should act as a barrier against pests. Unfortunately, the average person is simply unable to monitor the comings and goings of potential pests in a consistent and thorough manner. Many pests such as insects and rodents enter homes and other buildings in an undetectable fashion, and they can cause irreparable damage before homeowners are even aware of their existence. Moreover, some pests can spread diseases and other types of sickness, and many of them act as parasites feeding on families and their pets. This is why the services of a reputable pest inspection company like Pest Guru that are based on the Gold Coast are so important.

 Fully Trained Pest Inspector

We are specially trained to recognise when pests are present, but we are also skilled at identifying conditions that can lead to infestations. We can also determine if certain pests have caused damage to a home’s structure. For example, termites sustain themselves by consuming wood and wood products, and they often settle into a home’s infrastructure to cause incredible damage. Many homeowners learn that they have a termite problem  when it’s too late to do anything about it. However, Mack our Termite Detection Dog can recognise and diagnose a termite problem before the pests are able to cause significant damage. This saves homeowners time, money and peace of mind.

Pest Free: Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

It is essential that you hire a pest inspection service before you sign a contract on your new house. A house and its property can look beautiful and safe to the naked, untrained eye, but it might have hidden pest problems that are not apparent during normal inspections. A pest inspection professional can examine a potential home purchase for signs of infestations and damage before buyers sign the contrct. This service is invaluable, especially for those who are in the process of purchasing their first home.

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Benefits Of Regular Pest Inspections

Pest Free service by Pest Guru is also hired by people who want the peace of mind that comes from performing regular inspections on an annual basis. These regular inspections are recommended to anyone who wants to maintain the value of a property and remain pest free. They are especially valuable to homeowners who live in areas such as the Gold Coast that experience high levels of insect and rodent activity. When a home is given a clean bill of health from us, its owner can live confidently in the knowledge that his or her family will be kept safe from the many dangers associated with common pests.

Dangers Of Having Pests In Your Home

Pest Free, rats, Gold CoastIn Queensland, a number of pests are quite common, and some of them are capable of causing serious damage to homes and the people residing within them. Rodents like mice and rats can be found in numerous areas, especially around the canals, and they can cause incredible damage to properties. However, they can also spread dangerous diseases. Bacterial diseases like Leptospirosis and viruses such as Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis are spread by these creatures, which means that property owners must act diligently when it comes to examining their homes. Insects can also spread harmful diseases and viruses. For instance, fleas are known to be able to transmit Cat Scratch disease, which can affect pets and people with weak immune systems.

Some pests are not known for carrying diseases, but they are notable for causing other types of harm when they are given access to homes. Bed bugs have experienced a resurgence in recent years, and they have become particularly problematic in many areas. These bugs feed on the blood of humans, causing lesions and other types of damage. They are also quite difficult to remove from a property once they have gained access.

pest free, cockroach, Gold CoastCockroaches  are also quite common, especially in South East Queensland. These bugs are large and disgusting, plus they are quite difficult to eradicate. A pest inspection can determine if these pests exist, but it can also determine if conditions are favourable for infestation. This allows homeowners to take the appropriate actions to protect their properties and their families.

The safety of one’s home should be paramount, which is why you should call The Pest Guru immediately to arrange a time. Insects, rodents and other pests can damage properties, and some of them are capable of spreading deadly diseases. With the proper pest inspection, homeowners can protect themselves properly while ensuring that their homes are free from the numerous potential dangers presented by pests and make it Pest Free.

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