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Thanks to the climate and the population level of the area, Queensland’s Gold Coast is a favorite place for a wide range of spiders. The continent of Australia, in general, hosts a large number of spiders, most of which are harmless to humans and pets. However, the Gold Coast has earned a reputation as a genuine spider haven. The city and its surrounding region are home to countless, harmless spiders that actually serve a helpful purpose by eliminating other insects, but some poisonous and potentially deadly spiders are also known to exist here. In most cases, these spiders should not be feared, but certain conditions can lead to infestations, which put people, their families and their pets in danger & here you will need a spider control service. If you are a Gold Coast resident who is concerned about the threats posed by the presence of certain spiders, we can recommend a number of pest control products and techniques. However, if you want the greatest amount of protection from these eight-legged creatures, we strongly recommend that you hire us to come to your property for a comprehensive inspection and extermination.

Spiders & Spider Control

We can’t stress enough that most spiders are harmless to you as long as you don’t make a habit of blindly reaching into dark, bushy spaces, burrows or wood piles. Most homes and properties contain a certain number of spiders, and they are rarely seen or otherwise experienced by residents or visitors. That being said, infestations of some more deadly species have occurred in recent years. These infestations tend to happen when moisture levels are high, meaning that spiders often become more prominent after rainy seasons.Spider Control Gold Coast

Two of the more problematic spider species in the Gold Coast include the funnel-web spider and the mouse spider, both of which are poisonous. Although most healthy adults will only experience a painful sting and some swelling from the bites of these spiders, they can actually be deadly to small children or those in failing health. That’s why we insist that you give us a call if you notice any sign of these creatures on your property & we do the spider control ASAP.

The funnel-web spider is known for its large size as well as its shiny, black head. This species enjoys living in burrows or in tree stumps, and it typically feeds on lizards or frogs. When these spiders are allowed to infest an area, though, they can enter homes and cause danger to families.

The mouse spider looks similar, but it is known for its brown or red markings. This species, which is also potentially deadly, has become much more prominent in Queensland in recent years. With persistent moist conditions, it is expected that the mouse spider will continue to thrive here.

When you call us to come to your property to fight these spiders, we will arrive with the tools and techniques necessary to eliminate potential dangers. First, we will perform a thorough inspection of your property. Then, we will consult with you to determine the best course of action to eliminate the infestation. Finally, we will use the most advanced, environmentally friendly treatments to eradicate the threats of the spiders for good. If you are not satisfied with our services, we also offer a money-back guarantee.

Spiders can be a problem on the Gold Coast, but our pest control services offer you the best way to fight back. We do our job with great care and only use the most effective and safe treatments. What’s more, we care about preserving the beauty and balance of the natural environment, so we never use products or practices that can cause harm to the gorgeous Gold Coast landscape.

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