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How do I get rid of Mosquitoes?

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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Australia

Mosquitoes or are a major problem for many Gold Coast residents & to get rid of Mosquitoes is a huge task. Like a perfect storm, the conditions are conducive for large numbers due to being get rid of Mosquitoeslocationally situated on man-made canals and islands, live within a sub-tropical climate, and have moist rainforests around us.

Though with the locational issues that with suffer with high instances of mosquitoes, luckily in South-East Queensland we do not have cases of Ross River Fever and/or Dengue Fever, due to the fact that we are too far south. With that in mind, taking regard to global warming predictions, mosquito borne diseases will become apparent as time progresses. We are told they are gradually traversing further-and-further south every year.

How Do We Stop or Get Rid of Mosquitos? 


Believe us, it can be done!

Sure, mosquito ‘zappers’, citronella and mosquito coils do work, but only cover a small surface area, not making a difference to the breeding cycle (imagine using a can of fly spray treating for the ones you can see). For an effective treatment, you must treat the breeding source of the mosquitoes. You may say that is impossible as you cannot find the source, but did you know that mosquitoes will always breed in foliage. To treat them, normal spraying of the foliage will not work, you have to use a fine product that is specifically placed by misting the area. The treatment targets the breeding cycle, but by also treating any external walls and surface areas where the mosquitoes may land, you are further offering complete protection for the property.

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