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Pest Control Equipment & what you should know!

What you should know about pest control equipment? this is an important question in order to call an appropriate pest control company that perfectly perform a 100% thorough pest control equipmentpest inspection & pest control service, you don’t want to waste you time & money by calling the wrong guys do you?

Which Pest Control Equipment are mandatory?

Different pest control companies provide their services with different set of tools & equipment, yet there are some that are mandatory to have to provide a perfect pest inspection, detection & control, this will save you both time & cost that you wont be aware of until you have to pay for.

Thermal Imaging Camera:

This tool is a must for any pest control service to provide a great termite inspection service. Thermal imaging camera show the extent of infestation within the walls with the aid of Infrared technology & with it you can easily see hollow blocks through Ceil  &you can take any images of the termites activity. The good thing with using this tool is that you don’t need to tear the wall without making sure there is termite in it.

pest control equipment

Moisture Metre:

Remember, moist area are perfect locations for termites to live in, you can use this tool to locate leaks in any part of your property whether it is from concrete, plaster or timber. It has a very accurate audio indicator that makes sound if it detect smallest amount of moist & shows you the percentage of it.

Microwave Detectors (Termatrac):

First of all you need to be very careful with this tool, since it uses microwaves, so do not point it to any living thing or working devices.  This tool are high end technology, it has radar, thermal and moisture sensors with aid of laser pointer all together. It is coming with a very complete application you install on your mobile phone & it show all the statistics & output from the main device.

Although it is one of the most advanced tools for termite detection, it does have limitations.

  • The Radar readings should not be relied upon for surfaces type with metallic materials or high moisture content.
  • The Moisture sensor are good for detecting subterranean termites that produce moisture (not drywood termites)

After doing a perfect inspection & detection you need to provide a perfect protection & control, in order to do that we need the best proven solutions for pest control.

Termite Barrier:homeguard-termite barrier

Homeguard is a termite management system which are both physical & chemical subterranean termite barrier. we install it to the foundation of the new or existing building to provide a barrier from any infestation including termites. They last at least for 50 years & are completely Eco-Friendly that makes it safe for clients & environment.

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