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You Know When Spring Arrives

Spring usually means warmer weather and a chance to start doing some of those odd jobs around the house that you added to your to-do list in winter. While you’re on your spring cleaning spree, have you noticed a few unwanted pests lurking around? Spring is not only a perfect time to do some of those jobs but, it’s a great time for creepy crawlies to start hatching and infesting your home.

If you’ve noticed more ants, cockroaches and spiders in and around your home, you really should do something about it before the hotter months start and infestation problems can get worse! Come December you might be hosting your annual Christmas party with ants nesting in your kitchen.

Not only is it embarrassing but ants carry lots of bacteria with them. Ants are small and can fit into tiny cracks. So regardless of how clean or sealed your kitchen is, they’ll find a way into your sugar jar!

Ants hanging around the outside or near windows and doors need to be stopped. They’ll soon find a way to escape the summer heat and retreat to the cooler parts inside your home. Like between walls, inside roof cavities, bathrooms, and laundries – you name it!

It’s not just ants that should worry you about spreading bacteria and disease. Cockroaches can live and fester inside you home for months. They’re quick insects and usually hang around in warm, dry and dark areas of your home. While cleaning, you might even find some inside your cupboard – if you find one cockroach, chances are there’s more!

Bugs are not the only ones that can cause problems in your home. Rodents like Mice and Rats might be living inside your walls. Rodents might be chewing away at important cables that may lead to deadly house fires. It’s important to have your home inspected if you’re suspicious of any rodent activity inside your home. It could save your families life.

When Spring Arrives If you want to make sure that you’re safe from unwanted house guests, call in a professional. Have someone visit and assess your home and treat it right away before ants, spiders and cockroaches call your kitchen, bathroom or worse, your child’s room; home.

Yes, you can always spray your home with generic fly spray that may work for a day or two. Then when rain settles in and all your hard work goes down the drain – not to mention the money you spent on the poisons!

Calling in a professional means you can trust that what they’re doing the right things to rid your home of pests.

Chemicals used in and around your home by professionals are pet friendly and environmentally responsible. So, there is no need to worry about your beloved children and pets. Also, the chemicals used won’t wash away after a day or two! Plus, a 12 month service warranty means if you see those bugs again, your issues will be solved quick smart!

Call Pest Guru pest control on 0434 68 68 90 now, to come and visit your home. Have them inspect your property and banish those spiders, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas and rodents! Pest Guru are THE pest control experts on the Gold Coast.