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Termite Control In Tropical Areas

Termite Control in your home?

Let me tell you a story that will encourage you to look at termite control on the Gold Coast. The other night I was sound asleep, most likely dreaming about cupcakes or something when I felt a little tickle on my face. Thinking it was just the wind blowing the tassels on my covering, I thoughtlessly brushed it away. That’s when it happened. I felt 8 long, hairy legs spread out around my face and with the way I shrieked I was lucky it didn’t crawl into my mouth.

If you have a pest problem it’s time to poach that roach and turf the termites. Pests are a nuisance that people frequently think they can manage themselves. Where there’s one there are many others and it is far better to control the issue now rather than waiting for it to get out of hand. I recentlyTermite Control moved into a brand-new house with some friends and every thing was wonderful until one day the ants went marching one by one around the front door, along the skirting boards, up onto the kitchen area bench and ended up in our pantry. We thought insect spray was going to be our saviour but the ant army was more powerful than the puny contents of our can.

Do you live in a tropical and have an issue with termites & need a termite control service?  Be aware that termites are a big threat in the area.

The importance of Termite control & Pest Control:

1 from 3 houses have had or will have termites; You probably think that it can’t happen to you but with those odds don’t bet on it! Just what do you do for termite control? Termites can be detected by using a thermal imaging camera. Personally, I think this technology is absolutely dazzling. It is a non-invasive and no damage is done to your home; it just merely finds heat patterns and can pick up termites that can not be seen by the naked eye. This camera can identify the exact location of any invasion. The thermal imaging video camera does have the power to browse every inch of your residence to ensure that no part will be missed so your complication won’t resurface. It can locate the heat with the walls, the floors and even the ceiling.

One more ingenious pest control & termite control measure is the use of a termite detection dog. They are 97% precise in sniffing out termites long before a human pest inspector can.

So when you are using a termite detection dog and a pest inspector with modern equipment like a thermal imaging camera, you have an unbeatable combination when it comes to preventing termites from munching on the timbers that are hold up your home!