Termite Detection Dog

Termite Detection Dog

Mack is a purebred beagle and son of the top two show beagles in Australia. He was professionally trained by The K9 Centre using standard inspection practices along with thorough and proven dog training techniques to be a termite detection dog. Mack has shown to be accurate and consistent in the detection of the presence of live termites.

Scent hounds, like the Beagle, have extremely sensitive noses and have an accuracy rate of up to 97% in detecting live termite infestations and this is beyond any tools & gadgets for termite detection out there.

Properly trained detection dogs can smell termites through most building materials including wall cladding & flooring materials & it can save you a lot but you have to consider that training such a dog will cost you much time & money.

A detection dog can detect live termites through solid structures before termites have created damage that can be detected by a human inspector.

Termite Detection Dogs are not trained to detect termite damage… only live termite activity.

A human Timber Pest Inspector from Pest Guru performing a termite inspection to Australian Standards can locate termite damage, borers and fungal decay areas of high moisture content that a Termite Detection Dog is not looking for. When you combine the skills of a human Timber Pest Inspector with those of Termite Detection Dog you have a combination providing outstanding accuracy and total peace of mind.

As a reliable pest control company, we promise our customers 100% satisfaction & perfection in our job. We use the latest technologies & materials to detect & destroy pests but beside that we use termite detection dog that costs us a lot of training, not every company has one.

Here is a video of Mack – the Termite Detection Dog with super power for detecting termites