Statistically 1 in 3 Gold Coast homes will be attacked by Termites (White Ants) in their lifetimes, with the average cost of repairs being between $7,000 and $8,000, which are not covered by most home insurance policies.

Some simple DIY Termite Prevention tips include:

  • Find and repair any water leaks around your home and direct any run off away from the external walls.
  • Ensure sub-floors have good cross-floor ventilation, drainage and access.
  • Do not store goods and materials against the external walls of your house.
  • Ensure that any structures that join onto your home do not allow or conceal termite entry.
  • Do not allow garden beds or paving to cover over weep holes or the external edge of your concrete slab.
  • Do not use untreated timbers for garden beds or retaining walls.
  • Clear any dead trees or old wood stumps from your property.
  • Check your foundations for cracks and other termite entry points and patch where necessary.

Termite Inspection Gold Coast

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