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Pest Treatment an informative guide

Pest Treatment an informative guide & Why you should keep up with pest treatment?

Getting the pest treatment done on a properties on the Gold Coast can be considered a luxury, but for those that live on the Gold Coast, it is considered a necessity.

Pest Treatment

For those that do not know why, Pest Guru will explain.

  • Q. How often should I get my pest treatment done and why?
  • A. Depending on the type of pests you wish to treat, a standard service should be done every 12 months to prevent any problems.
  • Q. What if I get problems in the 12 months?
  • A. Pest Guru offer a service call-back warranty for our general pest service for a 12 month period, which means we come out free-of-charge if you have any problems in that time.
  • Q. What sort of pests do you treat for?
  • A. Our standard pest service involves treating for spiders, cockroaches, ants and silverfish. But, we treat a large range of pests including mosquitoes, rats and mice, termites (white ants), mites, midgees , wasps and bed bugs.
  • Q. If I don’t get my pest treatment done, will it cause problems?
  • A. If you do not get your treatment done and you have instances of pests, they will keep breeding as a home is a great food source.
  • Q. Is it just spraying?
  • A. Pest Guru make sure they do a thorough treatment and not just conventional spraying. As we are experts in pest control, depending on the type of property, our standard pest treatment will feature;
  • Dusting ceiling voids (where applicable)
  • Crack and Crevice treatment. Applying gels to specific areas of a property such as under sinks, in cupboard door hinges etc
  • Application of residual treatment along skirting boards (serves as a barrier and designed to be effective for 11-12 months)
  • External pest treatment, treating ants and spiders (mosquitos are misting). This treatment is residual so breaks down with the rain.

Our standard treatment involves spiders, cockroaches, ants and silverfish.

Call us today if you need your pest issue done regularly as a prevention, you will not have to rectify any pest control problems, and the issues will be less severe.

For more information on our treatments, call the team at Pest Guru on 07) 55220 774